Pulaumi is ethical clothing brand that is both responsible and stylish. Join us on this sunny journey and become a fan of slow fashion.

We live on an island where trunks are worn from early morning until late night, through all activities.. so we know that we needed to create the ultimate trunks that is both comfortable, fashionable and all time suitable. We don’t follow fast fashion seasons, we follow You! It is always TRUNKS season somewhere, right?

At Pulaumi we opt for a conscious production, valuing all the people who work with us throughout the entire creation process, using quality fabrics, producing in small quantities and avoiding the waste of all fabrics.

We believe that advance slowly and fair is very important for our planet and future. We respect people and environment throughout the entire creation process. Pulaumi is thought and designed in small island called Fuerteventura situated in the middle of Atlantic Ocean and  proudly and ethically crafted in Europe.


Sicre Store is the place where we share passions, appreciate art, where we are mindful about the planet and sustainability. This space is our retail shop in Fuerteventura where you can see, touch, smell and feel our creations.

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