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Our story

We are Misha and Ila, friends and mothers who met on Fuerteventura, a small volcanic island in the middle of Atlantic Ocean, a paradise we are now lucky to call home.Pulaumi was created in the time we both had small babies, and the brand became our second child. It is a child we want to take care of and raise with values of respect and care for the planet and the elements and humans that surround us.

For that reason we always opt for a conscious production valuing the people who work with us throughout the entire creation process. We use quality fabrics, produce in small quantities and avoid waste by reusing all cut-offs for details or accessories sold in our physical store in Fuerteventura.

We are part of slow fashion

Like a child, Pulaumi is learning to adapt to this world, always striving to do better and move forward without losing the connection to the roots, values and originality. We work exclusively with our own prints, designing unique fabrics just for Pulaumi. We love unisex and oversize cuts, always striving to create timeless versatile designs and garments that suit diverse bodies and genders. We are proud of the fact that all of our production is designed in Fuerteventura, ETHICALLY and CONSCIOUSLY crafted in Portugal or Canary Islands in small family-owned factories. Our goal is to keep production low and always be a slow fashion brandtaking the steps towards a greener future. When you support a small business, you support somebody’s dream.

We are beyond grateful, and thank you for joining our sunny journey. All of this has only been possible because you believed in us.


Misha and Ila