Text: Ramena Birri and Orion Ramos

Today we will share with you the story of Julien Sicre one of the most renown shapers of Fuerteventura.

Julien originally comes from a little town called La Seyne-sur-Mer in the south of France, near Toulon on the Mediterranean Sea.

He first came to Fuerteventura in February 2003. At that time, he was still living with some friends in Hossegor. But as they were not allowed to surf because of the pollution from the Prestige that had wrecked in northern Spain, they decided to take a look at the Canaries. Their destination was Fuerteventura because a friend of him used to go there and already told him about its potential. That’s how Julien discovered Fuerteventura.

Now let’s talk to him to find out more about his journey on the Island and as a shaper of Sicre Surfboards. 

Hey Julien wasupp?

Hey, all good!!!

As I know, you first came to Fuerteventura in 2003. I can imagine that this place was completely different back then. What was it like?

Yes, it was different, but not that much. For sure there was fewer people and construction, maybe half or less…

Surfboard design is a very difficult craft which needs a lot of experience. Tell us about the first surfboard you did. How old were you ? Was the board any good?

I was 14, and I was already making skimboards for me and my friends. I loved playing with tools and to create things, so I think it was natural for me to try shaping a surfboard as I was hooked by the surf at 7 years old.

There was no internet and no information about shaping at the time, and it was even harder in the region where I was living…

So, the board was not so good hahaha. But it felt magical for me.

Now after so many years you are clearly a master of your craft. How do you stay inspired?

I don’t feel like a master but surely feel comfortable doing boards after so many years. I would say that shaping boards is an art. The art of creating something nice and functional, that is what keeps me inspired. Creating a board that will bring joy and good vibes to the one who surfs it.

At Sicre Store we can order our custom surfboard hand shaped by you. Do you notice trends in the orders? Like is there suddenly a lot of orders of twin fins for example ?

For sure, I can notice the trends and everybody wants a twin. But of course, the trends don’t fit everyone. That’s why I love getting the orders from my customers in the shop because it’s the best way to make the right board. I can show different models and explain how they work. I really want my customers to get the board that will fit the best to their need and demand.

Do you investigate the trends ? Like ohhh… this pro is into those twin fin egg shapes… I bet now a lot of people want a board like that ?

Yes, I do my investigation around the trends, and the best way to know what you are talking about is trying it. That is why I shape a lot of different things for myself. I’m personally really

enthusiastic about the twins, experimenting on different models and length of boards.

A shaper is like a dream maker. Your work will bring a lot of joy to your clients. Do you still get excited when you make shapes that you don’t shape that often?

For sure, that’s the interesting part, doing different and new things. Doing the same thing all the time would be a nightmare.

What’s next? What board would you like to make next?

Well, I’m just into something new. It’s a project I’ve been thinking for decades and never had the time to do. It’s a board made out of agave. I like to work with alternative materials that are more suitable for the environment like paulownia wood and agave. I think that this should be the future. Forget about this cheap boards which don’t last. More than 80% of the surfers don’t need a high-performance board. A fun shape, a fish and bigger boards can work the same with these materials. I just hope that the people are ready for the change.